Mail Twister™

The ultimate Spam Protection

How will it work?

Mail Twister™ works by allowing you to keep your REAL E-MAIL Address a Secret!!!!

Instead you get an unlimited number of e-mail addresses to use.

You give out a different e-mail address to each person or company and any e-mail from them is forwarded to your real e-mail address.

If you start receiving spam from one of your supplied e-mail addresses you simply turn it off. all e-mails to that address will be automatically bounced as spam.

All from the comfort of your own computer, no need to visit our website!

It is as simple as that to stop spam from threatening you and your family!

MailTwister™ also scans all incoming e-mail for known viruses. to help keep your computer clean.

Webmasters Get ready to start promoting Mail Twister™ addresses.

The benefit?

If you promote Mail Twister™ addresses your potential customers know you can be trusted.
Why would you send them spam if you know you can be turned off with a click?